bankstatement 0.9.2 available in CTAN

Recently, the new version 0.9.2 of bankstatement is available in CTAN (see Announcement ( Here is a brief summary of the new features in the README:

Changes in v0.9.2:

* use of siunitx to force two decimals, if csv data contains
other formats like 16.2 -> 16.20

* added support for Standard Bank (Namibia) and namibian

feature requests by Dr. Eberhard Lisse

* organized package in dtx format

The update should be available soon also in TeXLive and MiKTeX!

siunitx for rounding to 2 decimals exactly

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The latest version of bankstatement ensures that account transactions having exactly two decimals. Especially when an amount of e.g. 16.2€ is stored in the csv file (16.2 → 16.20).

In addition, the use of siunitx allows the determination of the decimal marker on dependence on the language – however independent of notation in the csv file, like \sisetup{output-decimal-marker={.}} in the file stmenglish.def. This is more important in other languages where the comma acts as decimal marker!