More and more banks al­low their cus­tomers to down­load post­ing records in var­i­ous for­mats. By us­ing the bankstate­ment class, you can cre­ate bank state­ments, as long as a csv for­mat is avail­able. At the mo­ment, the csv-mt940 and csv-camt for­mats — used by many ger­man Sparkassen — are sup­ported. You can quite eas­ily add sup­port for other csv for­mats. Sim­ply de­fine the or­der of the keys in the csv data file and how to use them.

The ter­mi­nol­ogy in this class — such as BIC (Busi­ness Iden­ti­fier Code) or IBAN (In­ter­na­tional Bank Ac­count Num­ber) — is based on us­age in the SEPA (Sin­gle Euro Pay­ments Area).

The user may ad­just the ter­mi­nol­ogy to suit lo­cal needs.

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